The Decisive Moment

It is no secret that I struggle with depression, some days more than others. Recently, it’s been harder, but for me, sometimes feeling better is as simple as deciding that I will not give in to the illness today. Being able to say, “I can be okay, and dammit, I will be,” gives me the little boost I need to get up and do something about it. My friends are a tremendous help, but ultimately, I have to make the decision to be better for myself.

I have always found music and movement to be healing. I have a bad knee these days (maybe two, but who’s counting?) so ballet is out of the question irl, but  Jacq is not hampered by the limitations of my physical body. SL has always been a bit like therapy for me. Retail therapy, generally, but it’s useful in other ways, too! It’s made me really look at myself, and (I hope) it’s helped me to be more who I want to be. With a beautiful pixel wardrobe.





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