Hello from the outside

I love myself as a redhead, but I could not resist this brown. Elikatira’s sable tone is so soft and rich, I had to wear it. I have a serious love affair with hair color irl, why should I deny myself here, where it is so much easier? No more! I will wear whatever color I want, when I want to wear it. This is my new personal rule. And it extends to all things, not just hair.

I mean, look at these beautiful shoes. Shooooooooes! Okay, so I love shoes more than a sane person should. I am not ashamed! These are out at Ama for 2oTwenty. They come in several colors for a variety of feet and genders, including this gorgeous red I’m sneaking out of the house with, so as to avoid irritating the wife with my clacking up and down the stairs. They’re 20% off until the 9th, so definitely hop over and snag them while the event is running.

My outfit is from a new to me store called Vertice. The skirt and sweater are one adorable piece that I had to have right now. So I did! I didn’t see it in their store location, but you can pick it up on the marketplace. It doesn’t come with body specific sizes, but I had no problem making it work with my Maitreya Lara. I find that I can wear a lot of standard size mediums or smalls with little trouble and no real editing, but that’s me. Your mileage may vary. Try things and see, though, you may be pleasantly surprised!