You may have noticed that posts have been more irregular than usual recently.

The problem with chronic illness is that you are not consistently unwell. Some days are better than others. Some days you can barely get out of bed.

I haven’t been this unwell in quite a while. With no clue as to how long it will last, I have decided to put my blog on hiatus. I have so little energy recently, and there are a number of things I am not able to set aside. They need my attention. While I do love to blog and appreciate the faith my sponsors have put in me, I simply can’t do it right now.

I do hope to be feeling well again soon, and will return to blogging when I am able to do so.


Fantasy Faire 2016: Why I Relay


My grandfather was the best person I’ve ever known. Looking at him from an adult perspective, I can see the little flaws that a little girl doesn’t notice in her hero, but even now, I admire him so much. With a kind word and a peppermint, he could fix anything from a skinned knee to a broken heart. No matter what you needed, you could go to him and he would help you find a solution. He taught me to ride a bike, he helped me apply to college, he held my hand when specialists told me I was sick. His cancer was so much scarier than mine.

I always thought he was indestructible, you see. He’d gone to war, moved to new continents, raised several children and buried one. He beat back one cancer, survived a near fatal car crash, and kept going with barely a hitch when glaucoma rendered him nearly blind. Through it all, he had a smile handy and a pocket full of sweets. So when they said he had cancer again, I was worried, but I wasn’t afraid. He was invincible. They would do surgery, he would have treatment, everything would be fine. And then it wasn’t.

He passed away just before his ninety-fifth birthday. I still miss him every day. He is why I relay. Because cancer is a thief. It steals memories, not just from the ill but from the people who love them. It steals the possibility of what might have been. It steals time, and we have so little to begin with.

My grandfather will never walk me down the aisle. My nephews will never know him as anything more than a picture on the wall. He will never come home to my grandmother again or sit on the porch and nap in his rocking chair.

It’s the little things that make a life, and they’re worth fighting for.



You were right there for me

You were right there for me

You guys are probably tired of me talking about how excited I am for spring. Sorry, I’m not going to stop that, especially since designers appear to agree! And today I’m in a picnic sort of mood. Can you tell?

As you may have guessed, I have a soft spot for good wood texturing. This ChiMia table for Dreams is beautifully worn in the way that furniture that you’ve lived with for a while tends to be. I love pieces that look like they have stories to tell about the life you’ve lived around them. Also included in the set are the wall art, the bottle terrarium, and the barely visible (sorry!) spring letters, as well as the previously featured houseplant.

I nearly used that plant again, but Noble Creations has this spathiphyllum vase out for The Unknown Hunt, and it felt pretty perfect here. The plant itself is lush and healthy and makes me think my sister or my wife must be watering it, because I can barely keep silk flowers alive.

Well, maybe I’m not quite that bad. No, I definitely am!