Find light in the beautiful sea

Find light in the beautiful sea

I wanted to have this post done yesterday, but wordpress has been a real jerk. Its stubborn refusal to let me upload images and insistence that I did not remember my password have been very irritating. But it appears to be working now, and I have pretties to show you, so let’s get on with it before it breaks again.

So the pretty things. Mudhoney did this set for Fameshed and there are so many color and texture options, it blew my mind. The chairs, bench, and pillows are all hers. My love for that feather printed pillow is a little excessive, maybe, but do you see it? The plant is part of the gacha offerings from ChiMia for Dreams. I’ll have more of that for you later but I really needed this plant here. The leaf detail is so so good, I can’t even tell you. And this rug safe! I didn’t need hidden safes, but I didn’t let that trivial detail keep me from bringing them home. These Lost Junction safes for We <3 Roleplay are easily my favorite purchase from the current round. They’re sort of ridiculous and I adore them. My poor wife is going to be finding them everywhere.

Ehh, she’ll get used to it!