Find light in the beautiful sea

Find light in the beautiful sea

I wanted to have this post done yesterday, but wordpress has been a real jerk. Its stubborn refusal to let me upload images and insistence that I did not remember my password have been very irritating. But it appears to be working now, and I have pretties to show you, so let’s get on with it before it breaks again.

So the pretty things. Mudhoney did this set for Fameshed and there are so many color and texture options, it blew my mind. The chairs, bench, and pillows are all hers. My love for that feather printed pillow is a little excessive, maybe, but do you see it? The plant is part of the gacha offerings from ChiMia for Dreams. I’ll have more of that for you later but I really needed this plant here. The leaf detail is so so good, I can’t even tell you. And this rug safe! I didn’t need hidden safes, but I didn’t let that trivial detail keep me from bringing them home. These Lost Junction safes for We <3 Roleplay are easily my favorite purchase from the current round. They’re sort of ridiculous and I adore them. My poor wife is going to be finding them everywhere.

Ehh, she’ll get used to it!



What a beautiful mess

What a beautiful mess

Some of this is new. Some of it is old. All of it is lovely! Let’s chat.

So these poufs. Look at that leather. Nice, right? These, the table, and the hookah (you know you need a hookah) are from ChiMia’s set for Gacha Guardians. It’s in-store, so take a look around while you’re there.

And if you want a little more magic in your life, you need to head over to OneWord right now. Event info says this round is over, but as of this posting, most if not all of the items were still set up, including Ama.’s My First Magic Set, which includes the tricks you see on the table. If you miss it there, it will likely be in the store soon.

This Trompe Loeil cottage is tiny. It is. But it’s so wonderfully detailed and textured, and it just feels happy to me. Do you see that wood grain and the wear on the siding? It’s fantastic. You can snag it at Collabor88 for the next few days. Again, look around while you’re there! Don’t you deserve shiny things?


My my, how the seasons go by

My my, how the seasons go by

March has gotten away from me, I swear. Wasn’t it just February five minutes ago? I’ve been meaning to show you this bed, but time slips so quickly. I was surprised when I looked at the calendar today and realized that it’s nearly April. That means that you have just a bit longer to pick up this ChiMia bed at Gen-Neutral. It makes me think of spring. It’s so bright and cheerful, I almost forget that with spring comes pollen!



Waiting for the hint of a spark

Waiting for the hint of a spark

You may recall that I mentioned the redesign we are working on for Imogen. A fair bit of the sim is still a mess, but look, we have a campfire! And since this backpack is well stocked for camping, I decided to bring it over here. You know, toast some marshmallows, warm my toes, maybe send up some smoke signals. I wonder if I can use them to order pizza?

Anyway. The bag is one of the Noble Creations contributions for The Secret Affair. It’s resizeable via script and comes with a HUD that will allow you to change the textures of the strap, bag, blanket, and buckles. It was surprisingly easy to fit, I usually have trouble with bags, which is why I so rarely use them. Is that a problem for everyone or am I just script resize challenged? Something to ponder.


Location: Imogen

On Location: Izzie’s

On location: Izzie's 1

You know how you go into a store and you make a beeline for the new releases and you sometimes don’t notice your surroundings? You’re so focused on getting in, getting the thing, and getting out that you don’t really look around, and as a result, you miss stuff.

On Location : Izzie's 2

For instance, today I took some pictures at Izzie’s. I’m only showing two of them, because nobody has time to look at every single picture I take. Different windlights, different views of the sim. And in both, you can see how beautifully she’s decorated the space that so many of us don’t even notice. So take a breath, look around, go sit for a while. I bet the water is nice.

Location : Izzie’s 

[Note: Photos are untouched aside from resizing and watermark.]