You were right there for me

You were right there for me

You guys are probably tired of me talking about how excited I am for spring. Sorry, I’m not going to stop that, especially since designers appear to agree! And today I’m in a picnic sort of mood. Can you tell?

As you may have guessed, I have a soft spot for good wood texturing. This ChiMia table for Dreams is beautifully worn in the way that furniture that you’ve lived with for a while tends to be. I love pieces that look like they have stories to tell about the life you’ve lived around them. Also included in the set are the wall art, the bottle terrarium, and the barely visible (sorry!) spring letters, as well as the previously featured houseplant.

I nearly used that plant again, but Noble Creations has this spathiphyllum vase out for The Unknown Hunt, and it felt pretty perfect here. The plant itself is lush and healthy and makes me think my sister or my wife must be watering it, because I can barely keep silk flowers alive.

Well, maybe I’m not quite that bad. No, I definitely am!