What a beautiful mess

What a beautiful mess

Some of this is new. Some of it is old. All of it is lovely! Let’s chat.

So these poufs. Look at that leather. Nice, right? These, the table, and the hookah (you know you need a hookah) are from ChiMia’s set for Gacha Guardians. It’s in-store, so take a look around while you’re there.

And if you want a little more magic in your life, you need to head over to OneWord right now. Event info says this round is over, but as of this posting, most if not all of the items were still set up, including Ama.’s My First Magic Set, which includes the tricks you see on the table. If you miss it there, it will likely be in the store soon.

This Trompe Loeil cottage is tiny. It is. But it’s so wonderfully detailed and textured, and it just feels happy to me. Do you see that wood grain and the wear on the siding? It’s fantastic. You can snag it at Collabor88 for the next few days. Again, look around while you’re there! Don’t you deserve shiny things?


She called it sweet revenge

She called it sweet revenge

I love to decorate, but today, I just wanted to have fun with it, and this happened. I really don’t get to use these Organica erosion pieces enough. They’re so great. I’m absolutely awful at terraforming and even I can use them!

Really. I once put a quarter sim underwater trying to dig a river. So bad.

Anyway. Some of this is new, some is less new, some is not quite out yet. Details in the credits, since I have to go buy a dress suitable for an RL wedding reception instead of extending play time. Happy shopping!


I knew you were trouble

I knew you were trouble

I feel like trouble today. I’ve been extra mouthy iRL, so it’s only fair that I bring that attitude into SL! The new round of Collabor88 makes it super easy, too. The theme is Espionage, and the designers have really come through. If you ever thought you might want to be a super spy or a well-equipped villain, this round is perfect! It’s also still full, but keep trying! You’ll get in sooner or later. Just set your TP HUD and start working on that world domination plan!