You were right there for me

You were right there for me

You guys are probably tired of me talking about how excited I am for spring. Sorry, I’m not going to stop that, especially since designers appear to agree! And today I’m in a picnic sort of mood. Can you tell?

As you may have guessed, I have a soft spot for good wood texturing. This ChiMia table for Dreams is beautifully worn in the way that furniture that you’ve lived with for a while tends to be. I love pieces that look like they have stories to tell about the life you’ve lived around them. Also included in the set are the wall art, the bottle terrarium, and the barely visible (sorry!) spring letters, as well as the previously featured houseplant.

I nearly used that plant again, but Noble Creations has this spathiphyllum vase out for The Unknown Hunt, and it felt pretty perfect here. The plant itself is lush and healthy and makes me think my sister or my wife must be watering it, because I can barely keep silk flowers alive.

Well, maybe I’m not quite that bad. No, I definitely am!




Find light in the beautiful sea

Find light in the beautiful sea

I wanted to have this post done yesterday, but wordpress has been a real jerk. Its stubborn refusal to let me upload images and insistence that I did not remember my password have been very irritating. But it appears to be working now, and I have pretties to show you, so let’s get on with it before it breaks again.

So the pretty things. Mudhoney did this set for Fameshed and there are so many color and texture options, it blew my mind. The chairs, bench, and pillows are all hers. My love for that feather printed pillow is a little excessive, maybe, but do you see it? The plant is part of the gacha offerings from ChiMia for Dreams. I’ll have more of that for you later but I really needed this plant here. The leaf detail is so so good, I can’t even tell you. And this rug safe! I didn’t need hidden safes, but I didn’t let that trivial detail keep me from bringing them home. These Lost Junction safes for We <3 Roleplay are easily my favorite purchase from the current round. They’re sort of ridiculous and I adore them. My poor wife is going to be finding them everywhere.

Ehh, she’ll get used to it!


My my, how the seasons go by

My my, how the seasons go by

March has gotten away from me, I swear. Wasn’t it just February five minutes ago? I’ve been meaning to show you this bed, but time slips so quickly. I was surprised when I looked at the calendar today and realized that it’s nearly April. That means that you have just a bit longer to pick up this ChiMia bed at Gen-Neutral. It makes me think of spring. It’s so bright and cheerful, I almost forget that with spring comes pollen!



Your favorite records make me feel better

Your favorite records make me feel better

What do you do when all that’s left are the memories?

This week has been rough, which is why this post is going out tonight and not two days ago. A person who was very dear to me passed away, and I’m still trying to find my balance. The songs aren’t really helping yet, but I’m going to keep hitting play until they do.

You were the prettiest of princesses. I love you always.


She called it sweet revenge

She called it sweet revenge

I love to decorate, but today, I just wanted to have fun with it, and this happened. I really don’t get to use these Organica erosion pieces enough. They’re so great. I’m absolutely awful at terraforming and even I can use them!

Really. I once put a quarter sim underwater trying to dig a river. So bad.

Anyway. Some of this is new, some is less new, some is not quite out yet. Details in the credits, since I have to go buy a dress suitable for an RL wedding reception instead of extending play time. Happy shopping!


Waiting for you

Waiting for you

As soon as I saw this Noble Creations dining set, I knew I was going to play with it. Just look at the gleam on that gold! Initially, I was going to go for a full formal dining room, but then I picked up the Brocante unfinished wallpaper and thought to myself, “How much fun would it be to do a remodeling shot?” As it turns out, a lot of fun!
I did mark up the walls a bit, which I should probably be ashamed of, but I do mark the walls when I hang paintings! Is that bad? That might be bad. Either way, it’s done now. I can paint over it, right? Maybe that’s why the vases are turned around. Maybe they’re ashamed of my chalk on the walls. It’s okay, I’ll find them some nice flowers, try to refrain from chopping the blooms off, and all will be forgiven. Right?
Speaking of forgiveness, I should probably ask for it. The runner is not out yet. I’m told there will be other colors in the hopefully not too distant future. Sorry. A little sorry. Just a tiny bit. Yeah, I should go. [EDIT: The runner was released on Jan. 25 and is now available in the Mudhoney mainstore.]


And the stars look very different today

And the stars look very different today

I meant to have this done earlier, but we’re having a bit of a group cry this morning, with a soundtrack of everything we ever loved about David Bowie. Some of you were there! If I find out which of you drank my tea, we’re going to fight. Anyway. I often decorate when I am having ALL THE FEELS, so it’s good that I had a few things I wanted to show you.

This skybox is not available yet. I know, I’m sorry! It’ll be out tomorrow at Gen-Neutral. If you like your space to look a little lived in, this is for you. It has three rooms and a hallway (I don’t care what realtors say, a hallway is not a room!) all done in these shabby chic textures.

The bed, now… the bed is very modern, very clean. There are a variety of textures for each tier of pillows, the comforter, and the throw, not to mention the shades the frame itself comes in. Also, it has my RL name on it, so I needed it. I’m simple that way.

Now, you can’t get the mirrors this way out of the box. I’ve used two of the trips and a single to achieve this particular look. Obviously, they are beautiful in any number, I just had my mind set on seven. I don’t know why. My brain is screwy. Annnd I think my ladder is tipping over, so I should go fix that. Happy shopping!