Your favorite records make me feel better

Your favorite records make me feel better

What do you do when all that’s left are the memories?

This week has been rough, which is why this post is going out tonight and not two days ago. A person who was very dear to me passed away, and I’m still trying to find my balance. The songs aren’t really helping yet, but I’m going to keep hitting play until they do.

You were the prettiest of princesses. I love you always.


She called it sweet revenge

She called it sweet revenge

I love to decorate, but today, I just wanted to have fun with it, and this happened. I really don’t get to use these Organica erosion pieces enough. They’re so great. I’m absolutely awful at terraforming and even I can use them!

Really. I once put a quarter sim underwater trying to dig a river. So bad.

Anyway. Some of this is new, some is less new, some is not quite out yet. Details in the credits, since I have to go buy a dress suitable for an RL wedding reception instead of extending play time. Happy shopping!


Just know you’re not alone

I had considerably more fun at Gacha Garden than anticipated. This round has so much great stuff, I actually can’t show everything I got in one post. You’re definitely going to want to go down there after it opens tomorrow. Not everything here is from the event, though! Don’t worry, it’ll all be labeled below.

As I’m trying to write this post, I’m also in a Steam IM, trying to explain SL in general to my friend, Frank. Everything he knows about it comes from my chattering or from random youtube videos, so you can imagine the ideas he has about our little world. I’m trying to point him to better material, but the guy trolling people at safe hubs has been more entertaining for him, thus far.

Hopefully, I will be able to come up with something that paints us in a better light, but also keeps his attention for more than three seconds. Maybe I will teach him about shopping in SL! After all, who doesn’t love a little virtual retail therapy?



Tell me, how do I feel?

Tell me how do I feel

I have a lot of trouble finding inspiration when I’m stressed or upset, and this past week has been a bit of both. I’m trying to stay positive and keep moving forward, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Sadly, going outside and screaming is frowned on even in my remote neck of the woods, so I plunked down a skybox and started decorating instead. The focus helps, and sometimes it comes out pretty. I only got a little corner of it done before my brain started tugging in a different direction, but here’s what I managed before the redirect! Hope your week is going better than mine. <3