Your favorite records make me feel better

Your favorite records make me feel better

What do you do when all that’s left are the memories?

This week has been rough, which is why this post is going out tonight and not two days ago. A person who was very dear to me passed away, and I’m still trying to find my balance. The songs aren’t really helping yet, but I’m going to keep hitting play until they do.

You were the prettiest of princesses. I love you always.



She called it sweet revenge

She called it sweet revenge

I love to decorate, but today, I just wanted to have fun with it, and this happened. I really don’t get to use these Organica erosion pieces enough. They’re so great. I’m absolutely awful at terraforming and even I can use them!

Really. I once put a quarter sim underwater trying to dig a river. So bad.

Anyway. Some of this is new, some is less new, some is not quite out yet. Details in the credits, since I have to go buy a dress suitable for an RL wedding reception instead of extending play time. Happy shopping!


If you dare, come a little closer


I am in such a winter mood, but it’s summer for Kota. I’m a firm believer in compromise, so I’m getting out my winter decor mojo through blogging! And maybe a tiny bit at our house. You won’t tell, right?

This ChiMia bed for Gen-Neutral is a great item for that winter feeling. The bedspread is animated. It really snows! I’ve been a little in love with it since I saw the first WIPs, and the completed product did not disappoint. I was going to do a GIF of it, but I have been having internet and tech issues all morning. At this point, I’m just happy to be able to blog at all.

The shelf I’m using here is another ChiMia product. This one will be available tomorrow for Marvelous Mondays at the mainstore. Well, okay, it will be available after, too, but tomorrow, it will be at a special price, so maaaaybe that’s a good time to snag it. Just saying.

Oh, and I like to use shoes as decor. Not sorry.




Practice makes for an amusing waste of time

I should be wrapping gifts. Am I? Pfft, no! I am practicing jumping out of a box. I don’t even know why. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Or at least, like more fun than tangling myself with tapes and ribbons and paper cuts. Priorities, right?

Speaking of priorities… if shopping is one of yours (of course it is, who are you kidding?) then you should take a look through the 20Twenty catalog. December 9th is the last day of this round, which means it is the last day to get these items for 20% off. Not too shabby, especially if you still have holiday shopping to do. I’m going to cut this short and get back to mine, actually. Don’t bother to judge, dear, the tree fox has it covered!



To sleep, perchance to dream

You know what happens when you and your spouse like a lot of the same stores? You buy the same stuff, or stuff from the same sets, often without meaning to. And if it’s decor, your house starts to look like that designer moved in. For example, the decorated parts of our house could be an homage to Julliette Westerburg. Tres Blah stuff (especially gacha) is everywhere! I’d apologize, but let’s be honest. We’re not sorry. We like what we like!

I love the bold prints on the Uncertain Spoon wall plates. I like walking into the room and seeing that affirmation from Mudhoney on the wall and you know something else? Sometimes, I like to use packaging as decor. That Fashionably Dead bag with the coffee, macaroons, magazines, and makeup? That’s not even something I bought, that’s the package the thing I bought came in. It’s freaking adorable, so I used it. The tiara over by it isn’t decor, either, but again, so pretty! And it’s low land impact, so why not?

I’m not sure what’s going on with the wall textures. I refreshed them and they staged a rebellion. I’m pretty sure this house actually hates me. Or I’m delusional, which is also possible. Probable, even. And some of the rest you guys have seen before, because I did a picture in this room before. Again, not sorry. Not even a little.

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You can take the girl out of the forest…

This isn’t the picture I originally wanted to take. I had a completely different pose and venue in mind, but you know how you think you have that perfect pose? Yeah, I thought I did, but I didn’t. And at 2am, when I started looking for it, I did not have the patience to make it myself. Even so, I’m pretty happy with it.

I really had to do something with these wings. I love them. Be thankful I used the little self control I possess at this time of day to keep myself from making them glow. They’re mod, so it was a close thing. If you, too, are a fan of wings that kind of look like they might be neon lights, you should head over to Enchantment. It’s only open until the 5th, though, so maybe go fast.

Also, this dress. I modded my shape for this dress, because I couldn’t get into Arcade (Opening day. I didn’t even try, tbh.) and I bought the wrong size. It was my own fault, but it was well worth the trouble. The dress includes sweet little strings of light that attach at the bow, but I chose not to wear them. They’re very pretty, they just didn’t suit my mood today. I’m sure I’ll be annoying my family with them soon enough!


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