Waiting for the hint of a spark

Waiting for the hint of a spark

You may recall that I mentioned the redesign we are working on for Imogen. A fair bit of the sim is still a mess, but look, we have a campfire! And since this backpack is well stocked for camping, I decided to bring it over here. You know, toast some marshmallows, warm my toes, maybe send up some smoke signals. I wonder if I can use them to order pizza?

Anyway. The bag is one of the Noble Creations contributions for The Secret Affair. It’s resizeable via script and comes with a HUD that will allow you to change the textures of the strap, bag, blanket, and buckles. It was surprisingly easy to fit, I usually have trouble with bags, which is why I so rarely use them. Is that a problem for everyone or am I just script resize challenged? Something to ponder.


Location: Imogen