On Location: Izzie’s

On location: Izzie's 1

You know how you go into a store and you make a beeline for the new releases and you sometimes don’t notice your surroundings? You’re so focused on getting in, getting the thing, and getting out that you don’t really look around, and as a result, you miss stuff.

On Location : Izzie's 2

For instance, today I took some pictures at Izzie’s. I’m only showing two of them, because nobody has time to look at every single picture I take. Different windlights, different views of the sim. And in both, you can see how beautifully she’s decorated the space that so many of us don’t even notice. So take a breath, look around, go sit for a while. I bet the water is nice.

Location : Izzie’s 

[Note: Photos are untouched aside from resizing and watermark.]