One day I’ll fly away

One day I'll fly away

I am being lazy today. I simply didn’t have it in me to try to fit hair under the aviator hat that Noble Creations has out for Cosmopolitan. I did want to show it to you, though, because the leather is gorgeous, so I dug out this bust from Ama. Tada! Hair fitting crisis averted.

And you know, it wouldn’t be a good dressing room without a place to put on your shoes, so I added the ChiMia Derby Seats. How fun is this color? I love little punches of color in light rooms. It keeps me from going snowblind!

To be fair, all the white is really my fault. These Bazar shelves come in a lovely wood tone, I chose the white. I also chose to tint the clothes and pillows, only the shoes come in colorful textures. These are just part of the set you can pick up at Home & Garden Expo. As always, there are a lot of sims to explore for this event, so wear your comfy shoes!