Clouded judgement


We’re doing  a fairly simple post this afternoon, primarily because I am an idiot. I vastly underestimated how tired I would be after having tests run today. I want to blog, I have ideas for blogs, I just do not have the energy to make them happen today. Still, I wanted to post something, so simple it is!

I had a good time at events this week. Well, I assume I did. It’s kind of a blur, but I went through half of my linden balance, so I am guessing fun was had. This pose build was part of that. The Secret Window can be found at The Dressing Room for just a few more days. It’s being offered in two versions, one with singles poses, and one for couples.  I believe Saturday is the last day for The Dressing Room, so you may want to get a move on, if you haven’t been.

Also in recent acquisitions, this lingerie. Milk Tea’s Isobelle is out now in their mainstore for 20Twenty. It is available in four colors, all in this beautifully detailed lace. There is a camisole included that I have elected not to wear. Sometimes your breasts just need to breathe, okay?