And the stars look very different today

And the stars look very different today

I meant to have this done earlier, but we’re having a bit of a group cry this morning, with a soundtrack of everything we ever loved about David Bowie. Some of you were there! If I find out which of you drank my tea, we’re going to fight. Anyway. I often decorate when I am having ALL THE FEELS, so it’s good that I had a few things I wanted to show you.

This skybox is not available yet. I know, I’m sorry! It’ll be out tomorrow at Gen-Neutral. If you like your space to look a little lived in, this is for you. It has three rooms and a hallway (I don’t care what realtors say, a hallway is not a room!) all done in these shabby chic textures.

The bed, now… the bed is very modern, very clean. There are a variety of textures for each tier of pillows, the comforter, and the throw, not to mention the shades the frame itself comes in. Also, it has my RL name on it, so I needed it. I’m simple that way.

Now, you can’t get the mirrors this way out of the box. I’ve used two of the trips and a single to achieve this particular look. Obviously, they are beautiful in any number, I just had my mind set on seven. I don’t know why. My brain is screwy. Annnd I think my ladder is tipping over, so I should go fix that. Happy shopping!