If only in my dreams

If only in my dreams

I might not normally pair a tiara with this outfit, but I received this Cae one (with matching jewelry) yesterday from my Secret SLanta, and it makes me smile. So I’m wearing it, probably for the next few days. Thanks, Veenya!

And yes, I know my socks don’t match. My RL socks don’t match, either. I love mismatched socks! Feel free to judge, I’m okay with it. These are some of the socks available from ChiMia for Tres Chic. They were a last minute addition to the event, so if you went super early, you might have missed them!

I doubt I’ll have time to post again before the holiday (I didn’t actually have time today, if we’re being honest), so please have a lovely holiday and be as good to each other as you can. I know it’s hard, people are often so annoying. Just try, okay?



  • Token&Tribe- Chopped Firewood | kattington
  • Blueberry – Holidays Gift – Stand Alone Cabin | Blueberryxx | in-store gift
  • Trompe Loeil – Fireplace Logs and Fire | Cory Edo | part of Attic Skybox
  • LISP – Mesh – Persian Rug Red | Pandora Popstar