Settling In


This is my wife’s favorite chair. So if you hear soon that I was murdered…. nah, she’s actually too sweet to do that, even if I did put my boots on her chair! It’s been kind of an adjustment, living with someone who actually cares about our living space. In the past, both RL and SL, I’ve done nearly all of the decorating, so meshing styles has been new and interesting. It’s gone well so far, though!

tbh, I wasn’t sold on the chair at first. It’s beautifully made, I just didn’t think it would go with anything. I’m not wrong often, but I definitely underestimated our decorating abilities. The house is still only half done, unless you count the label boxes Kota stuck in the empty rooms, but we’re getting there. One day, it’ll look like we really live there!

Just probably not today.