And now, something new.

In all things, there must be a beginning. For me, beginning is always the hardest part. Is that crazy? I’ve wanted to pick up blogging again for a while, but then I’d think about the reasons I stopped before, and I’d look at the photos of the bloggers I manage and think to myself, “Why would you do that to yourself?” It turns out the answer is easy. I just want to. I love composing images, even if they’re not amazing ones. I love putting words out there and having people respond. So the answer to the question of why? Why not?

We’re starting fairly simply. Just a handful of things I adore right now.

Like this sweater. Can you believe how soft this thing looks? I want to hug myself just to feel it. Is that weird? It might be weird. This is from Ison for Collabor88. If you’re wearing a mesh body and your AO is especially active like mine, you might get occasional bit of poking through at the neckline, but that happens with nearly everything. You could hide it with long hair or just accept it. Up to you!

The bookshelves behind me are actually a bit taller, with an empty bit under the bottom shelf, but I have this one sunk in the floor. I used them throughout the library in our new house, and I wanted the added interest of different heights without sacrificing the beautiful matching woods. The house is still half empty, but as we finish it, I’ll probably be showing off more of the decor. Anywho. The bookshelves are part of the Dysfunctionality library set, so I suppose it’s fitting that they wound up in our library!

This hair was out for an event previously, I want to say it was Collab, but my memory is iffy, so I’m not sure. Regardless, you can still snag it at Clawtooth’s mainstore. I am usually strongly opposed to any red that is outside of what I think of as the ginger spectrum, but Bubbles does this “peeled carrots” tone that I love, odd though it is. [Edit: I double checked, because it was driving me nuts. This style, Hang It Up, was released for Collab in April 2014.]

I could keep going, possibly for days, but I bet you’re tired of me talking. You want me to shut up now? Okay, we can do that.